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History of the Blue Blindfold campaign

The Blue Blindfold campaign and logo was launched in December 2007 by the UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC). The concept of the Blue Blindfold is 'Don't Close Your Eyes' to Human Trafficking. The Blue Blindfold represents the risk of people having their eyes closed and not being aware of the crime that may be going on around them. The logo has become an internationally recognised symbol of help for victims. 

The international campaign is designed to:

In 2008 Ireland became a member of a European G6 initiative against trafficking in humans by criminals. The European G6 was an unofficial group made up of the six EU member states with the largest populations. The other five countries involved in the initiative were the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands and it was supported by Europol, Interpol and Eurojust. The initiative involved:

In 2008, Ireland had the lead role in the Awareness Raising Strand of the G6 campaign. A shared multinational campaign was run in participating States designed to raise awareness and discourage demand for services of victims of sexual and labour exploitation. The campaign featured the Blue Blindfold logo. A joint re-launch of the Blue Blindfold campaign with Northern Ireland was carried out in January 2011.


How is the campaign utilised?

Ireland has continued to use and adapt the Blue Blindfold motif in all of its awareness raising activities. The Department of Justice and Equality supply Blue Blindfold branded literature and merchandise to partners throughout Ireland active in the area of awareness raising.


Can I get involved?

Yes, we are always looking to support national or community based groups who wish to get involved. This coul dbe in the form of Departmental funding for appropriate large-scale projects, or basic material support for small community based events held in schools, universities or civic areas. If you would like to get involved please click here to contact us and see how we can help.


Blue Blindfold videos

These videos were developed by the Dublin Airport Authority for display on their digital Aerpods. Click on an image to view or download.


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