The Government recognises that human trafficking is a violation of human rights and is committed to doing everything in its power to prevent this despicable crime, punish the perpetrators and protect the victims. We also recognise the crucial role played by civil society in responding to this issue. Partnership between the State and civil society continues to be central to our approach to tackling this heinous crime and supporting its victims.

The 'Second National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Human Trafficking in Ireland' commits the Department to continue to actively engage with Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) for the purpose of awareness-raising and project development. While the Department funds a number of NGOs that provide front line services to victims, it does not supply mainstream funding for awareness-raising and training.

However, in addition to the mainstream funding directed towards services to victims, funding for NGOs is also provided through the Dormant Accounts Funding Scheme (DAF). The DAF Scheme provides that dormant funds and unclaimed life assurance policies may be disbursed for the purposes of assisting the personal, social and educational development of economically, socially or educationally disadvantaged persons as well as persons with a disability. This initiative provides additional support to non-governmental actors in this field who are recognised as being well placed to develop new and innovative on the ground interventions which otherwise would not be undertaken and which will greatly assist this disadvantaged group.

The following table shows an overview of funding arranged by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit from 2012 to 2016.

  Funding year  
Funding type Organisation 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Total
Direct funding Ruhama €195,000 €172,000 €172,000 €225,000 €275,000 €1,039,000
Migrant Rights Centre Ireland €5,000 €4,000 €4,000 €9,564 €41,428 €63,992
Total €200,000 €176,000 €176,000 €234,564 €316,428 €1,102,992
Dormant account funding Ruhama - - - €16,225 €40,000 €56,225
Migrant Rights Centre Ireland - - - €40,000 €40,000 €80,000
Immigrant Council of Ireland - - - - €40,000 €40,000
Doras Luimní - - - €43,000 €40,000 €83,000
Sexual Violence Centre Cork - - - - €40,000 €40,000
Total €0 €0 €0 €99,225 €200,000 €299,225
Grand total €200,000 €176,000 €176,000 €333,789 €516,428 €1,402,217