Anti-Human Trafficking Team

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Women’s Health Service/Anti-Human Trafficking Team
The Meath Primary Care Centre
1-9 Heytesbury Street
Dublin 8



The Anti-Human Trafficking Team (AHTT), within the Health Service Executive, offers services to all potential/suspected adult victims of human trafficking referred by An Garda Síochána across Ireland. The AHTT appoints a caseworker and carries out an assessment of each of these persons. The assessment covers various aspects of a person's health and wellbeing with referrals made to statutory and/or non-statutory services as appropriate. The assessment lends to the development of a comprehensive care plan. These plans are continually reviewed to reflect practice and patient outcomes. 

Staff co-ordinate a comprehensive, person-centred care process and negotiate with all other state and NGO agencies in their central role as key service providers involved in the care of victims under the National Referral Mechanism.

Services offered depend on the person's individual circumstances and immigration status but may include:

  • Assitance obtaining other governmental services General health - assistance in getting a GP and a medical card.
  • Sexual health - sexual health screening in the HSE Women's Health Service or through a local GP/hospital.
  • Mental health - ongoing emotional support and referral through GP to HSE mainstream counselling services if requested.
  • Support client to maintain contact with family/children and refer to appropriate agencies where further assistance is required.
  • Repatriation - liaising with IOM should the person wish to return to their home country. 
  • Advocating to a range of stakeholders, dependent on the individual needs of the client.

The AHTT operate from the Women’s Health Service in Dublin 4.