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Anti Human Trafficking Unit
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Human Trafficking is a form of slavery

it is happening in Ireland. Let's end it now.

be vigilant, call 1800 25 00 25 or email

educate yourself about this crime.

Don't Close Your Eyes Poster

Don't Close Your Eyes to Human Trafficking

Don't Close Your Eyes Poster

Image by Clodagh Coughlan, Laurel Hill Secondary School

Don't Close Your Eyes Poster

Image by Amy O'Sullivan, Laurel Hill Secondary School

Why Blue Blindfold?

The concept of the Blue Blindfold is 'Don't Close Your Eyes' to Human Trafficking. The blue blindfold represents the risk of people having their eyes closed and not being aware of the crime that may be going on around them.

If you see something please call Crimestoppers 1800 25 20 25 or email:

Second National Action Plan to prevent and combat human trafficking in Ireland - June 2015

The draft of the second National Action Plan was recently circulated through the existing consultative structures for comment and observations by 31 July 2015. This Plan seeks to build on the work carried out to date and set out strategy for the coming years. Ireland has also had the benefit in recent years of international evaluations of our practices and policies in this area. This Plan seeks to build on areas of strength identified in these evaluations and to improve and enhance our approach where necessary.

See the publications page for a copy of the document. We welcome any comments or views on the draft document. Please submit material by email to or post to Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, Department of Justice and Equality, 51 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2.

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