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Anti Human Trafficking Unit
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Sexual Exploitation

People who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation sell sex on the street or in brothels, massage parlours, lap dancing clubs, and in private houses.
  • They move from one brothel to another or work in various places.
  • They are escorted whenever they go and or return from work and other activities.
  • They have tattoos or other marks indicating ‘ownership’ by the exploiters.
  • They work long hours or have few, if any, days off.
  • They sleep where they work.
  • They live or travel in a group, sometimes with other women who do not speak the same language.
  • They have very few clothes.
  • They have clothes that are mostly the kind typically worn for prostitution.
  • They only know how to say sex-related words in the local language or in the language of the client group.
  • They have no money of their own.
  • They are not able to show an identity document.
  • They are afraid to reveal who is controlling them and lie about their story.
  • Their mobile phone keeps ringing when they are out.

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